Jack Smith is Endorsed by these and other Groups and Individuals

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NC House Representative Gale Adcock:
“Cary is fortunate to have Jack Smith running for re-election to the Town Council. Jack takes a
practical approach to issues, makes decisions in an even-handed manner and is responsive to
citizens. He has given tirelessly and unselfishly of his time and talents for 28 years. I am
delighted to support him.”
Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison:
“I am pleased to hear Jack Smith is running for re-election, and I strongly endorse him for Cary
Town Council. For 28 years, Jack has committed himself to making Cary a safe and inclusive
place for all. Through his efforts and support of law enforcement, the Town of Cary has been
voted the safest place in the country to live. Because of his dedication and hard work, he has
earned my respect and that of law enforcement officers throughout Wake County. Please vote
Jack Smith for Cary Town Council.”
Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht:
“It is essential our citizens have someone who understands the complexities and critical issues
associated with roads, schools, parks, and the environment; someone who always puts citizens
first. Jack Smith is that someone. He holds developers to the highest quality with the lowest
impact on our citizens; and has the skill and experience persuading employers to locate and
expand their businesses in Cary. We are blessed to have Jack Smith serving as a strong advocate
for District C and it would be an honor and privilege to work with such a great public
servant for another four years.”
Cary Mayor Pro–tem Ed Yerha:
"I've known Jack Smith for 20 years and have the pleasure of serving on the Cary Town Council
with him. I trust Jack to represent Cary citizens fairly and honestly and I look forward to
continuing to serve with him."
Cary Council Member Jennifer Robinson:
“When Jack is making a decision, he asks the fundamental question we want our officials to be
asking: ‘Will this protect and enhance the quality of our community’? Jack is devoted to protecting
our quality of life and looks out for the best interests of of all citizens.”
Cary Council Member Don Frantz:
“It has been my honor and privilege to serve alongside Jack on the Council for the last ten years.
He is thoughtful, responsive and most importantly, honest. I trust Jack.”
Cary Council Member Ken George:
“When I think of good government, I think of Jack Smith. I’ve know Jack since 1990, just after
he joined the council. His wisdom and steady hand have helped guide Cary into the award
winning town that it is. We need Jack’s continued service as we look to the implementation of
the Cary Community Plan that will take us to 2040.”
Cary Council Member Lori Bush:
"It's an honor to work with Jack Smith on the Cary Town Council. His experience, wealth of
knowledge and commitment to our community is indicative of his passion for our Town."