Jack Smith's Campaign Platform

People have described my common sense approach to serving as "neighborhood-friendly."  I like to agree.  I've represented District C for seven terms, making me the Council's senior member.  I see this experience as a big plus.  


JACK'S RECORD -  Over 30 neighborhoods call District C home.  All at some time or another have asked for Jack's help on issues impacting their property values and quality of life.  Jack has worked to address and satisfactorily resolve their concerns.  Through good planning and common sense zoning Cary citizen's home values far exceed any other municipality in Wake County and resale values remain exceptional.  The culmination of our four year citizen intensive ‘Imagine Cary’ initiative is now the foundation for driving good environmentally friendly development for the next 25 years.


JACK'S RECORD -  Cary is 85% built out and much of our future growth will be in areas of ‘infill’ and older areas ripe for redevelopment – a real challenge to our existing neighborhoods quality of life. It is imperative we continue to incorporate stringent environmental guidelines to sustain our quality of life.  Jack has led efforts to protect Lake Jordan, increase our buffers, pursue multimodal, solar panel, sustainability, recycling and reclaimed water initiatives, earning him the Sierra Clubs endorsement every year since 1997.  Through Jack's diligent stewardship Cary has achieved the very best Fire, Police, Parks and Recreation Personnel.  All are nationally accredited and have been recognized as 'best of the best'.  Cary continually is nationally recognized as one of the most livable, family friendly and safest cities in the U.S.   


JACK'S RECORD -  Cary has been nationally recognized for its 'fiscal health' - and is in the top 2% - of all cities in the US.  Our cash reserves exceed Charlotte's and far exceed the minimum required by the State.  Jack has successfully led efforts to keep taxes low and this year's tax rate once again remains the lowest in Wake County for a record 20 straight years.   In 2003 he voted against entire budget in Cary as he did not agree with the significant increase in the debt balance.  On five occasions, Jack has successfully presented to the bond rating agencies on Cary's financial health.   After each presentation, Cary's rating improved and now stands at AAA.  


JACK'S RECORD -   Economic Development is Jack's 'wheelhouse'.  He is a 25-year executive with VP experience at a Fortune 20 company and a 14-year owner of his own company (focusing on organizational effectiveness and executive search).  He has had many opportunities to 'apply his trade' in helping Cary grow responsibly.   Jack's corporate recruiting efforts over the years has resulted in Cary being one of the ‘hottest’ areas, not just nationally but also internationally.   Our economic development approach continues to attract domestic and international companies resulting in over 10,000 high paying jobs the past four years alone.  Our current unemployment rate is well below the State and National average.  Cary is now viewed as thee place to be, to invest and do business – from small businesses to internationally renowned corporate entities.  Our downtown 'overnight' success was 10+ years in the making and Jack take's pride in being a key player in that effort.